Protecting What Matters Most

With an approach that’s rooted in delivering actionable intelligence, we arm you with the comprehensive analysis and key insights you need to mitigate risk and prepare for what lies ahead.

01 Discovery

We understand that each situation presents a unique set of challenges, which is why we create solutions that are tailor-made for you or your organization.

Before we begin monitoring and collecting intelligence, our analysts create targeted collection directives, based on in-depth collaboration with our clients, to extract the most relevant information. Our goal is to gain a clear understanding of your desired outcomes, so that the intelligence strategy we develop for you produces the key insights you need to protect your interests.

02 Research

The corners of cyberspace are filled countless stories, data, photos, discussions and more. While having access to the Darknet and Deepweb is necessary, it’s crucial to have a team of experts who understand what trends to follow, conversions to monitor and individuals to watch.

To obtain key findings, we employ a variety of analytical strategies. Using cutting-edge web intelligence technologies and our portfolio of virtual agents, we are able to gain access to protected networks which provide us with important intel.

03 Analysis

In our analysis, we leave no stone unturned, investigating and assessing every potential threat.

Our team of operations and intelligence experts understand how to transform raw data into operational intelligence. We establish intelligence desks for each of our clients, which are managed by intel leaders who have spent years solving many of the world’s most pressing intel issues.

04 Actionable Intelligence

From unearthing IP leaks to discovering planned cyber attacks to identifying harmful sentiment, our analysis reveals the actions and activities that have the potential to significantly impact your interests.

To help you navigate these issues, we deliver actionable recommendations for how to move forward. In giving you a variety of options, you’re equipped with the knowledge for how to emerge from challenging situations and come out ahead.

Delivering Results

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