Clarity In A Crowded Digital World

There’s a vast amount of information available at our finger tips today, and it appears to increase exponentially every day. While this may seem like an advantage, it often leads to ‘analysis paralysis’ – the paradox of having so much data, yet no meaningful way of understanding it.

More often than not, many individuals and organizations are left with a giant collection of dots, with no way to connect them or transform the raw data into what you really need – a cohesive story that makes sense, enhances your ability to make stronger decisions and enables you to take decisive action.

We utilize our web intelligence capabilities, including social media intelligence and big data analysis, to unearth risks and alert you to potential issues. In bringing an unmatched level of human and business intelligence to your challenge, we help you pinpoint trends, discover online threats and seize opportunities earlier.

Revealing Untold Stories

How our intelligence capabilities protect your interests.

Identifying Threats

Identify planned incidents, events, campaigns or cyber-attacks against corporations, public figures or individuals before they take place.

Finding Adversaries

Develop detailed threat assessments that uncover the types of potential adversaries that could cause physical, financial or reputational harm.

Uncovering Sentiment

Uncover sentiment about a company, product, service, public figure or individual that has developed into a trend and has the potential to spark action.

Discovering IP Leaks

Discover Intellectual Property (IP) leaks and work swiftly to identify the root cause.

Monitoring Targets

Monitor and geo-locate individuals that are likely to cause harm to you or your business.

Our Innovative Approach

A step-by-step look at how we protect you.

Discover Our Approach