Illuminating The Darknet

Millions of words, pictures and videos swirl around us on the internet daily. But millions more exist in the corners of cyberspace inaccessible to standard web browsers and search engines. The anonymity of the Deepweb or the Darknet make it a hotbed for criminal activity – from leaked IP and corporate secrets to frauds of all kinds and even drug and human trafficking. We collect and connect data from above and below the surface of the web to transform information into intelligence.

Unparalleled Human Intelligence

Founded in the U.K., DeepSeek is an operational intelligence firm that protects international corporations, public figures and high-profile individuals from reputational, economic or political harm. Led by global intel leaders, our team has spent decades working in the highest echelons of intelligence and security agencies.

At DeepSeek, our mission is to protect you from potential threats, identifying them before they can cause damage.

Uncovering Emerging Threats

Leveraging our analytical expertise, we understand how to examine vast amounts of data, identify the information that most affects your interests and deliver actionable intelligence. To monitor the Darknet and Deepweb, we utilize state-of-the-art web intelligence technology, reaching beneath the layers of the surface web to uncover actions that may negatively affect you.

How DeepSeek Protects You

Analytical Expertise

Without expert, human analysis, data is useless. Our collective intelligence and security agency experiences enable us to uncover what most may miss.

Virtual Agents

To locate key information, we establish and operate a portfolio of on-line agents who infiltrate closed digital forums to deliver operational intelligence.

Targeted Monitoring

We consistently monitor all corners of cyberspace for the trends and conversations that affect you.

Actionable Intelligence

We provide actionable next steps enabling you to respond to threats and use intelligence to move forward successfully and effectively.

Take A Deeper Look

No matter how advanced intelligence-gathering technology is, it's only as effective as the human capital that powers it.

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